There's a special farm tucked in a small town just outside of Huntsville where beautiful flowers bloom in the Alabama sunshine. They've got tulips in the spring and sunflowers in the summer, and you don't want to miss your chance to take a road trip to this lovely location.

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Rows of terrific tulips await visitors every spring. (Hubert Family Farms)
Rows of terrific tulips await visitors every spring. (Hubert Family Farms)

Hubert Family Farms can be found in New Market, Alabama, a little town that's nestled near the Tennessee State Line. The farm has been a part of the Hubert family for over 100 years, passing down the family land for five generations.

Seth Hubert, the farm's current owner, suffered the tragic loss of his father and was looking for a way to transform the farm for the future. In 2016, he had an idea:

One day it all came together sitting in my front yard. My daughter has been infatuated with picking flowers since she was able to walk. And as I was soaking up the pure joy and innocence of a little girl ecstatic to pluck anything that resembled a flower in the front yard, it hit me. I immediately thought of the Tulip fields out in Washington and Oregon and wondered if I could bring that here. My natural initial thoughts were how vastly different our climates and soil types probably were, but I was reminded of a Tulip that my grandmother had planted in her flower bed that came back year after year and that "can't never could".

The Huberts have worked to create a place that's welcoming and that offers an escape from the hectic pace of life today:

Something that brought people happiness and a space to enjoy, relax and escape from the rigors of today's world. Ultimately, I feel like the average American is more disconnected from the farm than at any time in modern history. We understand not everyone has the opportunity to experience it at their fingertips, which is what really drove us to take on this experiment and open our fields to you all! We really hope you enjoy!

There are plenty of places to shoot pics on the farm. (Hubert Family Farms)
There are plenty of places to shoot pics on the farm. (Hubert Family Farms)

Hubert Farms showcases spectacular tulips in the spring, and although tulip season has already passed, there's no need to feel bummed out--sunflower season is just around the corner. Hubert Farms even offers booking for weddings and other events. Can you imagine how absolutely gorgeous your bridal party would look surrounded by sunflowers?

Hubert Farms also plans to offer fresh produce this summer. Make plans to check it out this summer!

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