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I'm a sucker for a festive movie - if it's a Christmas movie, Easter, coming of age Summertime movie and obviously Halloween flicks.

Growing up, I was lucky enough to have an abundance of great Halloween movie like - Hocus Pocus, Blair Witch Project, My Stepdad Is a Werewolf (not a porno) and so many other monumental movies that set the mood and tone of the season. Disney and other studios mastered the art of making a memorable Halloween movie. So some were a little questionable, so I'll indulge you on the worst produced and worst made Halloween film of all time....

Surprisingly the film has a ton of hip-hop stars, it's unbelievable that they even signed to be apart of this slightly racist movie and unscripted movie.

From Rotten Tomatoes:

I'll give you the skinny, Leprechaun wants to find his gold in the most unlikely places, the 'hood' then runs into a ton of problems and social barriers that get over-personified and shines a bad light of the African American culture.

Nothing makes a bad production like racy undertones and bad animations.

Roll Tide.

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