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No one likes getting teased, never a fun ordeal. Let me tell you how a group of kids made fun of me for months by using a mid 2000's hit.

I was in the third or fourth grade -- some kids had it out for me, crazy enough they kinda were my friends. Well not really, I would get invited to their sleepovers and would get swirlyed and get my body covered with mud and creams when I fell asleep. Lots of fun.

Back to the real story, being a short red headed kid with freckles all over -- I was born with a target on my back. And on top of that, I had a slight speech impediment. Slight slur or 'snaking' of the "s". Trust me, kids jumped on it when they started catching on about it. It was 2005 -- I was 10 years old. The song "Lips Of An Angel" by Hinder came out, huge smash hit. I don't know how but kids in my class figured out I loved that song (maybe they just guessed -- who knows). There's a vivid memory stuck in my head from that year, I was walking back up from our PE class and some kids started singing that song directly to me, but instead of "lips" they changed it to "lisp". Word got around and other classmates would recite the same lyrics to me on a day to day basis for months.

I know, not the happiest story. But the moral of the story is this -- don't let the bastards get you down.

Roll Tide.

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