Former Blink-182 member Tom DeLonge has become an increasingly high-profile voice within the extraterrestrial community. He's not just spewing conspiratorial nonsense — his To The Stars Academy of Arts and Science struck a research deal with the U.S. Army and the nation's Navy even published UFO videos shared by To The Stars. Now, he's suggested that aliens presided over the birth of Christian deity Jesus Christ.

Season 2 of the musician/alien researcher's History Channel program Unidentified: Inside America's UFO Investigation aired over the summer and he spoke with The Guardian about his lifelong obsession with aliens.

DeLonge isn't quick to attribute every mysterious aircraft sighting (now referred to as UAP — unidentified aerial phenomenon) to otherwordly inhabitants/cosmic joyriders. "People need to buckle up, open their minds and stop talking about, you know, aliens and extraterrestrials, because I have a feeling that that’s not exactly what it is," he said.

Quick to disown the idea that his research and other efforts are mere ballyhoo and that there is a dedicated practice of governments covering up the existence of extraterrestrial life, potentially even on Earth itself, DeLonge charged, "It’s not conspiratorial. Anybody can go on to the CIA website and read thousands of reports. There’s just a vacuum of conversation. Our government has had decades of the very difficult burden of dealing with something that is extremely advanced but poorly understood. They need time to dig into this, to understand it, to gather data and analyze it."

He also understood the sensitivity of such rattling revelations if world leaders were to disclose with the general public that alien life had indeed been confirmed. "I can’t say much, but I do know there have been moments when certain presidents have come close," explained DeLonge. "The issue always becomes: how are people going to digest this if we hit them over the head with a giant sledgehammer? That’s scary for people in the Pentagon when they’re trying to keep civilization duct-taped together."

As for the idea of an enduring presence of alien visitors on Earth, DeLonge cited cave drawings depicting abductions and even suggested that a spacecraft could have been presiding over the birth of Jesus Christ.

"Things were written in text thousands of years ago, like hearing voices in your head, a burning bush that was talking. The ancient texts may have called it God, but I’m just saying it’s not that simple," DeLonge urged, wondering aloud, "The star of Bethlehem – was that a star or a craft? Because a star is really big. It wouldn’t be hovering over a manger."

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