It's back to the summer of 1997 for the 'Semi-Charmed Life' with this B101.7 Flashback Friday Spotlight on Third Eye Blind!

The alternative rock band from San Francisco made a splash with their first hit 'Semi-Charmed Life' making it up to #4 on the chart! VH1 ranked this Third Eye Blind song 34th best song of the 90s. The music is so bouncy and catchy, perfect for the hot months. But, the lyrics are quite dark. That was all be design.

The website, Songfacts shared comments made on the HBO show 'Reverb' by Third Eye Blind's Stephan Jenkins:

When I wrote 'Semi-Charmed Life,' the guitar riff was intended to have this sort of bright duh-nuhnuh-nunt, this shiny thing, because that was a feeling of speed.

While on 'Reverb', Stephan Jenkins also commented on the song's lyrics:

It's a song about always wanting something. It's about never being satisfied, and reaching backwards to things that you've lost and towards things that you can never get. I think everybody has some identification with that. The story line between the people, the demise of this relationship, is just an extreme example of that condition. I think that's what makes people really relate to 'Semi-Charmed Life.'

Third Eye Blind 'Semi-Charmed Life'

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