Fold over elastic hair ties are game changers. They won't snag your hair; they don't get tangled in your hair, and you can wear one around your wrist so you'll be prepared for any style emergency. You can buy them at a salon or beauty store and spend about $2 on each hair tie, or you can make your own for less than $0.40 a piece. You won't believe how easy it is; just check out our video tutorial!
If you're searching for a fun, fast, and simple DIY Christmas project, you're in luck; my Homemade Lavender Bath Salt can be made in less than ten minutes AND for less than ten bucks!
I thought removing my acrylic nails at home would be a terrible idea. I thought I'd need industrial strength chemicals and a jackhammer, but it turns out the only supplies I needed were three things I already had in my bathroom closet...
Ah, Summer... time at the beach, time at the pool, and the kids are home from school. It seems awesome until you've run out of things for your mini me's to do and they start repeating the words every parent dreads: "I'M BORED." What if I told you there's a way to combat boredom AND get rid of the eighteen pounds of broken crayons your kids brought home when classes were over this year? 
Use This DIY Trick to Get Rid of Wasps and Hornets This Summer Without Dangerous Chemicals [VIDEO]
Nothing ruins summer fun quite like wasps, hornets, and yellow jackets. These pesky pests can quickly establish a pervasive presence in your home. They're annoying, and they can be much more aggressive than bees; they're even able to sting multiple times, all of which spells out BAD NEWS. How do you get rid of nature's biggest jerks? And how do you get it done without harsh or dangerous chemicals?
Sunday was to be the day I would take on a major SUV engine repair project.  A project that was so nicely greeted by this wild and crazy sever thunderstorm to whip up a little more excitement!
Make Your Own Awesome Elastic Hair Ties with This Ridiculously Easy Craft Project
Are you as obsessed with Emi Jay hair ties as I am? Apparently celebs like Jennifer Anniston, Reese Witherspoon, Kim Kardashian, Katie Holmes, and half of Hollywood swear by them. They are amazing, but far too expensive for me to buy on the reg; two bucks each isn't a price I can justify  That's why I figured out how to make them. At Home. For less than fifty cents each.