The City of Tuscaloosa's face mask mandate continues through August 5th. If you're in a public space like a store, restaurant, or ride share, you have to wear a mask that covers your face and your nose as a way to prevent the spread of the novel Coronavirus.

If you're anything like me, you're already running out of masks. I like to have a few clean backups ready to go in my purse, backpack, or glove compartment so that I know I am never without one. I had been buying disposable cloth masks from Target, and then I had an epiphany: why not make my own?

You, too, can create your own face masks using old t-shirts (or any cloth, really). Make a bunch so you'll have several to rotate when you need to wash a pack. Make one for yourself, your kids, and maybe make a few extra for your neighbors, too.

Here are the three supplies you'll need:

  • Old T-Shirt (or other cloth)
  • Eye or Lip Liner Pencil
  • Scissors

Check Out This No-Sew Face Mask Tutorial

Easy enough, right? I know these aren't surgical-grade masks. I am by no means a doctor or medical professional, but I thought I'd share no-sew mask making skills with y'all. Have fun!

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