Fold over elastic hair ties are game changers. They won't snag your hair; they don't get tangled in your hair, and you can wear one around your wrist so you'll be prepared for any style emergency. You can buy them at a salon or beauty store and spend about $2 on each hair tie, or you can make your own for less than $0.40 a piece. You won't believe how easy it is; just check out our video tutorial!

Like I mentioned in the video above, you'll need fold over elastic (I bought that plain white roll at Micheal's on McFarland for like $4), a pair of scissors, and a cigarette lighter. You measure, cut, tie, and seal--it's that easy!

Just Google 'fold over elastic,' and you'll see that the possibilities are limitless-- it's available in pretty much every color and pattern out there. I like making my own hair ties because it saves me major cash, and it's a fun project. Why not make a batch with your kids this weekend? If your kids have a sleepover planned, order a couple rolls of elastic and let the girls make their own hair ties--it's a fast and fun craft that kids will love!

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