Drums please, this B101.7 Flashback Friday spotlight song may very well be the best summer song of all time! Let's see if you agree.

Quick name three summer songs! Before you answer, I'm looking for literally "summer" songs, tunes about the season, not just hits hotter than the Alabama heat. Okay, what are your three? Or maybe, just name one. Yea, just one, the very best. What comes to mind?

Okay, my turn... answer: 'Summertime' from DJ Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince! Do our answers match?? This song has it all, a chill vibe, lyrics to fit the mood and a video showing things we all love to do, like hanging out with friends and family in the yard, while grilling hot dogs and burgers. Those traditions return this weekend, and so does this great seasonal jam, released 24 years ago during May 1991.

Feel free to tell me something like, "Greg you are so right, that 90s jam is best summer song ever." Or, you could say, "Greg, you need to see a doctor to have your head checked." Well, I may need that regardless. Share other favorites too, maybe I will feature you and your song next week! First, check out the video, and turn it up!

DJ Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince 'Summertime'

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