If you could bring any retailer to the Druid City, what would it be? And why?

Y'all know my number one choice is, was, and will always be Trader Joe's. I am a sucker for tasty bargains, and no one delivers quite like Trader Joe's.


I think Tuscaloosa needs an Ikea.

Hear me out, okay?

Think of the 40,000 students at the University of Alabama. They need affordable furniture for the dorm or the apartment (or palatial mansion, but that's another post), and they'd be able to buy all the essentials at Ikea instead of filling Target to the point that my Saturday scented candle shopping trips become devoid of all joy.

Ikea would also be dope as hell for everyone in town. I have an apartment and (depressingly limited) budget, so you know I am down for the bargains Ikea is dishing out.


You know Ikea has food, right? You can walk around and buy cheap minimalist furniture while you eat Swedish meatballs, and if that ain't LIVING THE DREAM, I don't know what it.


Ikea would be a huge boost for the Tuscaloosa economy because the retailer has established itself as a location for destination shopping. I personally have driven from Bowling Green, Kentucky to Atlanta, Georgia just to shop at Ikea. Think of how many people would drive from Alabama and surrounding states to do the same.

These visitors would stay in Tuscaloosa's hotels and eat at Tuscaloosa restaurants and, most importantly, pay Tuscaloosa sales tax.

We would be printing our own money here. It's high time Tuscaloosa had an Ikea, y'all. I rest my case.

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