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I have been waiting for this moment here in Alabama for a long time - the conditions on the Alabama/Mobile coast are looking mighty.

Looking at Hurricane Delta she's going to be violent - no questions asked. But wont be as violent as Sally. Fortunately, Mobile or the Alabama coast will not be in the direct path of this heavy spinner. But on the bright side for all you surfers on the Alabama Coast is that conditions look super ideal for a fun and pitted day.

Looking at my Surf Report from Windy -  a Czech company providing interactive weather forecasting services worldwide. The portal was founded by Ivo Lukačovič in November 2014. Currently, weather forecasts are based on data from the GFS models, ECMWF, and NEMS model from the Swiss company Meteoblue. Initially, the portal focused on wind animation, currently there are other basic meteorological parameters such as temperature, pressure, relative humidity, cloud base and additional panels with more advanced data. The wind animation is based on the open sources project of Cameron Beccario earth.

Beginning Friday around 2PM, the first 'pusher swells' will be hitting the Alabama Coastline in heavy force. 5 Footers rolling in every 6 seconds. A constant pluming of breakers will be hard to paddle past, so make sure you find an alley for trajectory this upcoming storm.


10AM Saturday morning, some huge over-headers coming in at 7 Feet in a 6 second segments will be hitting Mobile and islands around Mobile. Perfect for a good woody or shortboard action .

Make sure to surf with a friend and surf often .