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The hardest part in life seems to always be when you have to say goodbye. And it's weird right? For almost twenty years, Daft Punk has made us smile, dance, and maybe even cry. But for me, the announcement of retirement of the duo really hits notes that cause me to think back on how they changed my life.

The first song I ever heard by them was, no surprise, "Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger." Of course I was young and obviously not aware at the time of how famous they were. It wasn't until college that this group would help me "fit in" so to speak with my current group of friends.

It started with my friend AD. After we became friends, and he introduced me to more of the Discovery album, we both realized that our love of electronic music made us closer friends as a result.

Then my fellow robot friends joined up. DI jammed with us. MM and I would start singing "One More Time" randomly. EB hopped on with us. GW was last to join the party, but she was just as welcome.

I remember being introduced to the one of the greatest live albums ever "Alive 2007" thanks to AD.

I remember myself, MM, and AD literally yelling hysterically when "Random Access Memories" won album of the year at the GRAMMYs.

I remember the smiles brought. I remember thinking "Why didn't see this greatness earlier in my life."

And now fast forward to 2021. The announcement still makes me wonder if one last album might be coming, or I'm just hopeful.

It's weird to think how my discovery led to all these memories that I can randomly access anytime. Daft Punk literally helped build a friend group for me, and they probably have done it for countless others as well.

All it took was a pair of robots to help build my human self.

I end this post by remembering how we first me musically.

Thanks for everything Daft Punk.

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