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Welcome back to Paradise Presses Play! Growing up as a young paradise, I never thought I'd enjoy this game series. With no idea what to do, no idea where to go, and my short attention span kicking into full gear, things certainly didn't like good for this game. But today, it's our selection, and I couldn't be happier.

Today's choice is none other than Super Metroid!

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Story: Bounty hunter Samus Aran has brought in a Metroid to a space colony for study and it's a normal day in the galaxy. After leaving the little alien to the scientists, things suddenly take a turn. Almost immediately after leaving, a distress signal is sent to Samus, and she finds all scientists dead and the Metroid stolen. Ridley, her nemesis has stolen the Metroid, and takes it to Zebes. The journey to reclaim the Metroid is on!

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Metroid is a side scrolling adventure game where you aren't given an idea of what to do once you step out of your ship. You'll have to explore and find your own way to find the Metroid. Some places won't be able to explore unless you find certain power-ups. This planet however is littered with creatures looking to make Samus's day a long one, and they certainly won't stop until the bounty hunter is unable to continue her journey.

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One of things that Super Metroid does really well is the soundtrack. The music fits the mood for whatever it is. The unknown is scary, and the music amplifies the mood of truly not knowing what's around the corner.

Time to go save the universe again! Good luck!

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