I found the coolest and cutest collection of girls' dresses; it's a new line called "Princess Awesome," and trust me: these dresses totally live up to their name. They are unlike anything you have ever seen, so check them out now!

The line was founded by two Washington, D.C moms who got tired of the lack of options in little girls' dresses. Eva St. Clair and Rebecca Melsky decided to solve the problems themselves and launch their own clothing company: Princess Awesome, a collection of dresses for different occasions--all of which feature fun patterns that defy traditionally "girly" designs.

Here's how they describe Princess Awesome on their Kickstarter campaign:

 If you know a little girl, or you were once a little girl, then you know.

Lots of little girls love dresses and rainbows and flowers and pink. And lots of those same little girls love cars and robots and pirates and dinosaurs.

But if you’ve ever tried to buy those little girls clothes that are pink and have dinosaurs, or are sparkly and have pirates, or even just a dress with a robot on it, then you know it’s pretty much impossible. Princess Awesome wants to change that. 

We believe that if a girl likes purple and also likes trucks, she should be able to wear a purple truck dress. And if a girl likes princesses and also aliens, then an alien princess skirt is for her.

How cool is that? It's like, FINALLY: someone gets it! As a mom of a little girl, I like encouraging her to explore the world around her. I want her to grown up and know that she can be anyone she wants and achieve anything of which she dreams, and I can't tell you how excited I am to have found a clothing company who feels the same way about kids.

Look, I don't think there is anything wrong with ribbons and bows and tulle and tutus; my daughter is currently on this kick where she HAS TO WEAR the flower girl dress from my sister's wedding EVERY DAY. We've got plenty of "girly" stuff in Dolly's closet. Dolly loves wearing tiaras and playing princess, but she also likes racing Matchbox cars, digging in dirt, and chasing lizards. Her interests are not limited to wearing pink and being pretty--so why should her clothes be, too?

The only bummer about Princess Awesome is that their entire collection is SOLD OUT, but that's what the Kickstarter is working to solve. They've already met their initial fundraising goal, so I should be able to order a Princess Awesome dress soon.

What do you think about the collection? Which dress is your fave? Would you order one for your daughter?

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