My Son Hit A Huge Milestone At This Alabama Farm

It's been a beautiful journey through fatherhood so far. At 8 months old, my son has made it more special while we were on a family trip.

Sundays are known as "family day" in our household. Being from Florida, we never really participated in the fall season because it's either summer or spring year-round. This year we're participating in fall for the first time and that includes going to a pumpkin patch.

I was skeptical about visiting the Griffin Farms Pumpkin Patch, but it was a lot of fun. Although I ruined one of my favorite pairs of jeans and shoes, the joy on my son's face was more than worth it. He was just waking up from a nap when we arrived but after some time, he was smiling nonstop.

I think he was having so much fun, he decided to give us something special. While out at the farm, he decided to give us a few of his first steps!

We went through our first corn maze together, ate great food from local food trucks that were present, and of course, visited the pumpkin patch. We basically had a whole photoshoot while at the patch and picked out our own pumpkins. I've gotten used to the sight, but every time we're out with our son, he attracts a crowd. We managed to snap some great pics in between my 8-month-old signing autographs. LOL!

Our Time At Griffin Farms

We had a great family adventure this past weekend. Our first fall as a family is going great. We're enjoying experiencing fall for the first time and grateful to be here in Alabama having fun!

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