Kidabaloo is Just Days Away!
We're just a few days away from Kidabaloo, and the kids have gone wild! It's like a pre-Spring Break weekend.... Just what they need to get the umph to make it until mid-March.
Giveaways at Kidabaloo
Kidabaloo is right around the corner and not only will there be a ton of activities for your kids, there will also be a few giveaways that you'll want to check out.
When you enter the event on February 27 at the Belk Activity Center in Tuscaloosa, keep an eye out for the registration box at the …
What the Heck is Kidabaloo?
"Kidabaloo is on the way!"
"Kidabaloo will be here before you know it!"
"Get your tickets to Kidabaloo!"
You've been hearing lots of this, right? And you've asking yourself, "Kid-a-ba-WHO?"
It's Kidabaloo!
Want to Be Involved at Kidabaloo in Tuscaloosa?
Kidabaloo is coming up soon and we are so excited. Last year was a blast, but this year we're taking it to the next level. This is an amazing opportunity for businesses, entertainers and more to get in front of a wide range of people and showcase your products and talents...

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