Local authorities have a man behind bars for allegedly impersonating a doctor with DCH patients.

The man in question is 31 year-old, Darryll Eugene Hill.  Tuscaloosa Police are charging him with two counts of practicing medicine without a license and trespassing.

Apparently, the guy walked into several patient's rooms posing as a doctor.  Tuscaloosa Police Lt. Brad Mason shared with Tuscaloosa News:

No patients were harmed. One woman reported that Hill pressed some buttons on her IV machine and another woman said that he took her temperature.

Now, that's a doc in the box.  Behind bars in a small jail cell box, that is. You could say, that doc is a croc! Bugs Bunny may ask, "what's up doc?" We can almost hear him say it now, I'm not a real doctor, but I play one on TV. Better yet, here's what listener Darla submitted: "he's not a doctor, but plays one in real life." One more, submitted on our Facebook page from Mitchell: "he must have stayed in a Holiday Inn Express."

Seriously, just imagine what it would be like to be dupped by a guy in scrubs, who portrays a kind and caring doctor. Then, you find out, he's a complete fake! How would that make you feel?

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