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Your Hawaiian Faberge Egg has made it to the trailer of the new 'Madden NFL 21' first official trailer!

Tua was drafted 5th by the Miami Dolphins this year and alot of speculations and skepticism has followed the pick. Will he stay healthy? Will he be the running QB that we saw the past few years or will he be molded into the stereotypical 2-step drop passing QB?

In my personal opinion, Tua will need time to make a impact in his rookie season. He might need a role model on the team to show him 'it doesn't happen over night' mentality. He will have some really rough and crappy games, all rookies have them. But he does have the size, speed and charismatic attitude to carry his team to some miraculous victories.

Tua has what it takes, but give him time. In the immortal words of Joe Namath:

If you aren't going all the way, why go at all?

If Tua truly looks at those words and puts this into his day to day life he will surly be a NFL great. But who knows.. he hasn't even taken a snap. Hasn't passed a ball in a game yet. He hasn't had his team in a huddle during a tough game. He has a long way ahead, but I'd put money on him for doing something great in the next 5 years.

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