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Tuscaloosa is a unique town full of history, food, beautiful scenery and coffee!! Lukcily we have around 10 coffee shops in town that are locally owned and operated here in the county. With the recent COVID crisis, they have been hurting and they are looking for YOUR business!! Today I was reminded by going to Cravings on University Blvd when I had to go pick up some pizza, lox's and then a coffee. These local places are keeping Tuscaloosa weird and are helping boosting the economy during these times.

Shopping local keeps your community unique, boost the local economy and circulates revenue with local people in your town! 

Here are some coffee spots here in town that I adore. Monarch Espresso Bar is truly the most perfected shop here in town with an abundance of beans, styles and flairs. UPerk is simple and always consistent, a great place to sit down and get some work done with a macchiato in hand and ambition ready to rock! Another great place to stop by is next to the river! Heritage Coffee House reminds me of my parents house growing up. Rustic, wooden and smells like beans 24/7. They are fairly new in town but are known for always being kind and truly masters of their craft.

At the end of the day, you can go and get Starbucks but realize that sometimes helping out a local shop can make the day possible for that unique place here in T-Town.


Roll Tide.

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