Welcome back to Paradise Presses Play. Sometimes in life games remind you of childhood. And some of the time, it's bad memories that appear. We've all been on a playground at once, and the game of dodgeball was probably played. Let's be real here, I was always the kid targeted, so let's say it wasn't my favorite game.

Yet here we are later in life and a game get released where the main goal is to hit your opponents with a dodgeball and somehow I'm better at it. Weird.

This week's game is none other than Knockout City!

So this game is pretty self explanatory, it's a game of dodgeball. except for the fact we aren't playing on courts. We're playing in the middle of traffic, on top of skyscrapers, on a construction site...odds are in real life we'd probably get in trouble for this but hey it's a video game so we're all good right?

Photo courtesy of ign.com

Matches involve teams of 3 or 4 duking it out to claim victory. In 4 player games, you can only throw around your teammates.

Yes you heard me right, you can roll up into a ball and teammates can throw you.

Hitting a person twice with a dodgeball nets you a knockout, but don't expect it to be easy. Opponents can catch the ball thrown at them and then fling it back to you, so you've got to on top of your game.

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Photo courtesy of ign.com

The colors, the satisfying sound of hitting someone with the ball, and the soundtrack combine for a crazy game that is addicting to play. So time to avenge those humiliating elementary playground days, time to get some payback virtual style.


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