Welcome back to Paradise Presses Play. It's weird sometimes that on a platform such as radio, I don't really write about music games all that often. Not to say I don't love them, because my whole job kind of revolves around the medium. But sometimes you discover a new music that gets you moving like none in recent memory. And thanks to a free trial, I discovered the magic this game brings, and how you control things to get things jumping is something that'll make you feel like an actual DJ.

This week's selection is none other than Fuser!

Photo courtesy of ign.com

There's a little bit of a story in Fuser, with you working your way up the ranks to standing on the main stage of the biggest festival, but more importantly we're here to make people move and groove to the beat. How you do this is via the game's soundtrack of various songs. And yes, songs are all over the place but in a good way.

Photo courtesy of ign.com

It's not just electronic songs that are included. All genres are available to throw into the mix. You rarely could see Dua Lipa and Shania Twain mix together, and yet they can be played together. During gameplay you'll feed off the crowd's energy, and even take requests. Experimenting during mixing is highly encouraged, and sometimes you'll find the perfect and be bobbing your head to whatever you created.

Photo courtesy of ign.com

You also have total control over what the crowd is holding up, like glow sticks or ornaments that bounce around like beach balls, and the stage you can customize to your liking with different lighting. All in all, if your inner DJ is calling, step up, because it's show time.

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