Welcome back to Paradise Presses Play. Sequels in the gaming industry are commonplace, and yes we will be talking about them on this little feature. You may recall one of my earlier posts about this series, and trust me for as crazy as it gets, it's still a ton of fun. This time however we've got a lot more restaurants, many more foods to make, and most importantly of all, we've got a ton of customers, chaos, and chores to handle, and all in a day's work. Hope you're ready...

This week's selection is none other than Cook, Serve, Delicious! 2!!

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There's a little bit of story of CSD 2, and it picks up right after completing the first one. It seems while you were thriving in SherriSoda Tower, the higherups decided it would be fun to just take money from all companies in taking up residence in there. Including your restaurant. Police arrive, shut down the tower, and leave you with nothing. But all is not lost. It's time to rebuild.

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Photo courtesy of ign.com

Inside the new Teragon Supertower, things will pick up quickly, as after all, you're cooking and serving skills are well known. So much so that you can fill in at other restaurants and help them out as a cook for hire. The chores are still there, and the customers are still hungry too.

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New to this game are medals which are determined on your performance. Do ok and you'll earn a bronze. Do well and you'll nab yourself a silver. If you're perfect, a gold medal awaits you. So no time to spare, we got to get the restaurant back to its glory!

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