So, yesterday when I was driving up to Birmingham to shop around for a few yours, I stopped at Wilson's Texaco on Skyland to fill up my car. As I was pumping my gas, I noticed THIS sign. I've seen it many times before, but I've never really paid attention to it.

However, I started reading it yesterday, and I learned a few things. Now, I'm not sure how old this mileage chart sign is or when these mileage totals were actually taken. But I found a few things interesting, and learned a few things. Maybe you might learn some new things, too, if you look at this sign for a few moments. Here are a few of my takeaways....

According To This Sign:

Meridian, MS. is actually ONE mile closer to Tuscaloosa than Montgomery is. (93 Miles to 94 Miles).

New Orleans, LA. is actually ONE mile close to Tuscaloosa than Panama City, FL, is. (284 Miles to 285 Miles).

Memphis, TN. is only ONE mile farther away from Tuscaloosa than Pensacola, FL. is. (227 Miles to 226 Miles).

Chattanooga, TN. is actually THREE miles closer to Tuscaloosa than Mobile is. (197 Miles to 200 miles).

Dothan is only THREE miles closer to Tuscaloosa than Atlanta, GA. is. (201 Miles to 204 Miles).


If I somebody would've given me a Geography Quiz before I had looked at the above sign yesterday, and asked me which city was closer to Tuscaloosa in the previous examples, I would've gone 0-5!

It's always a GOOD DAY when you learn something new.....So, Yesterday was a GOOD DAY!

Look at the sign and come up with your own quiz, you might learn something new. Or maybe not.......Remember, your MILEAGE may vary:-)

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