How was your three-day weekend? Did you get to hit the pool, host a cookout, or head to the beach? I did not. I am sick--and so is my husband. And my daughter.

I'm 100% serious. We all caught a cold. We're all miserable.

My four-year-old came home from school Friday with a little runny nose. I thought it was just allergies, but she ended up with a little cough. As a mom, I totally freaked out and babied her incessantly--so then I got sick... and then my husband got sick.

Fun stuff.

All three of us went to urgent care yesterday (thanks to Dr. Sexton at American Family Care on 15th Street). Turns out I have bronchitis, and the rest of my family has the crud. Yay.

If you need me, I'll be crying into my Kleenex.

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