I was driving back to The Linguini Casa after finishing my radio show early Tuesday Evening, and I decided to stop by Cash Saver on Skyland Boulevard to get myself a can of Diet Pepsi. In case you didn't know, Cash Saver has the CHEAPEST drink machine prices in town, (only 35 Cents for a can of soda).

So, I scrambled through all of the change in my car drink holder, and managed to scrounge up the 35 cents necessary to buy my drink. I pressed my selection and out shot my drink. I grabbed it from the can dispenser and started walking back to my car. Then, as I looked back at the machine, I did a double-take and saw something that I haven't seen in ages.....a pay phone! I thought they were all extinct already! However, there is one that resides at Cash Savers on Skyland Boulevard.

This may be the ONLY pay phone that's left in Tuscaloosa, maybe in the entire state of Alabama! Who knows? Have you seen one lately?

But what was equally surprising to me, was that a can of Diet Pepsi from the Drink Machine at 35 Cents, was CHEAPER than paying 50 Cents to use the artifact that was standing next to it!

Maybe someone needs to call The Smithsonian Institute and see if they would be interested in this pay phone for one of their Dinosaur Displays?

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