Now that I’m calm (yeah, right), I can relay to you the news that our best buddy Quentin Tarantino has quietly started work on his new project, has already been talking to A-list stars about it, and has settled on a subject: a “unique take on the Manson Family murders.”

Holy moly, this already sounds great. The Hollywood Reporter has the exclusive: Tarantino has written the script, will direct, and it’ll be probably produced by the Weinsteins, as per usual. Sources tell THR that part of the script may focus on one of the murders closest to Hollywood itself: that of Sharon Tate, actress and wife of Roman Polanski, who was brutally murdered in her home by four Charles Manson followers in 1969.

Manson ordered his guys to attack Tate’s Benedict Canyon house on the night of August 8, believing it was actually owned by a record producer who had rejected him. The men went to work, brutally killing Tate, her unborn child, and four other occupants of the house over the course of several hours. This would be the first Tarantino film to be based on true events (okay, but Inglourious Basterds was more of an alternate history, to be fair). Interestingly, it’s also one in a recent spate of Manson-inspired pop culture projects (yeah, I read The Girls, and so did you, so don’t give me that).

THR’s sources say Tarantino has already talked to Brad Pitt and Jennifer Lawrence — who is reportedly not eyeing the Tate role. She’s got a whole crew of Manson’s creepy gal pals to choose from if she joins the film. The plan is to start production possibly in summer 2018.

I gotta go run around the block and/or scream into a pillow now.

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