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Let me make this clear, I think Tua is a great and talented young person that has a great love for Jesus. Nice young man.... Now that it's out of the way - let me tell you why we counted our chickens before they hatched with Tua.

Tua got drafted 5th by the Miami Dolphins. The Dolphins historically have been a 'spread-run' offense of set. Which means, shotgun ran offense with a fast QB that can run audibles and bootleg at any moment to create space. Currently Tua isn't starting, a 37 year-old bearded man, his name is Ryan Fitzpatrick. Graduated from Harvard in 2005.

But what keeps me second guessing about our Hawaiian Prince is how he cannot beat out a middle aged man for a offense that basically is perfect for the style of play he is 'the best' in.

I think he must be practicing like trash and or is having issues with his coaching staff. The dude has so many talents and tools for his future success as a NFL starter. I just don't know why he hasn't seen any playing time yet. Maybe the old injuries are keeping him from seeing the field. Or maybe an attitude problem (I really don't think that is an issue, he's a stand up human being). At the end of the day, we're going on Week 5 of NFL and our former star hasn't see a second of game time.

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