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I feel like sometimes I was born in the wrong time, the things I would do to live in the 1970's....

Growing up, my heroes I looked up to were Nebraska Cornhusker QB's and lead guitarists from the 70's and 80's. If it was Zac Taylor, Taylor Martinez or Carlos Santana they were gods in my eyes. To do everything to be like my idols, I did the obvious thing and played football and learned guitar. I was the type of football player who made a difference - not on the stat sheet but was the type of player that forced things and scared the other teams or players.

As a guitar player growing up, I sucked, real bad.... I thought I was great though. It's very painful to look back and think about that little redheaded playing diddles and riffs.

With all that being said, I feel like kids are losing their love of playing an instrument - especially the guitar.

With sales falling and a lack of interest from Millennials and newer generations, how will these huge guitar companies find an audience to reach?


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