Y'all ready to "spring forward" at 2 a.m. Sunday? Daylight Saving Time begins this weekend, and this is your yearly reminder that DST is TRASH.

The United States began Daylight Saving Time over ONE HUNDRED YEARS ago. The country was at war (WWI) and we needed a way to conserve coal in an effort to reduce energy consumption. This, I emphasize, was a literal CENTURY AGO.

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This was a time when most people didn't have fancy tech like, you know, running water and electricity. This was a time when people used to entertain themselves by reading books by lamplight and--I don't know--quilting? Penicillin wasn't even around so you could die from having a sore throat. It sucked. It was the olden times.

I suppose the idea behind DST was to give farmers more time to milk the cows underneath the sunlight and thus conserve the whale oil they used to light lamps. I could see how this would be a good idea ONE HUNDRED YEARS AGO but y'all, it is 2021.

There is NO NEED for this trash. Days get longer on their own--it's the natural progression of time as the Earth rotates around the sun. What does Daylight Saving Time accomplish? More sunshine for soccer practice? If you need extra daylight in March just fire up the massive LED panels you can buy off Amazon for like five dollars.


I detest DST. It is antiquated GARBAGE.

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