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Sometimes the weirdest things go through my mind - like what if I was covered with bacon grease and walked into a Canadian forest (how long would I survive) or what's the problem with dining shirtless at Waffle House? (it's the South, who would care)

Okay now that's out of the way, I was having one of those manic thoughts of weirdness yesterday thinking, 'What if God is punking us all of 2020 and he/she/it is preparing us for a badass 2021'. First of all -If 'god' is punking us, Id be completely okay with that. It would make up for all the times he/she/it has ruined a day, month or year.

With fires, war, a stupid virus, Dr.Pepper shortage and so much other catastrophic things happening, It would be nice to know that it was all a joke. But the likelihood of any of this being a 'joke' is very unlikely. 2020 has been a dumpster fire with a raccoon orgy on the side. I don't know what good has to happen for 2020 be even/level or somewhat 'normal' again. Whats even normal anymore.

I know it sounds morbid and a little strange but these thoughts are going through my are signs that I'm staying healthy, If I don't think like this, that means I'm loosing my mind. During these times - staying creative, stay weird and stay healthy. Mental health is as important as working out or eating healthy, stay positive and keep creative.

Roll Tide.

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