Today is National Squirrel Day, and if you don't know what a squirrel is I'll help you out. They are basic tree rodents that are fairly smart and have a huge attitude. But there's one type of squirrel that I would like to celebrate today.. The "Quad Squirrels"...

These squirrels live on campus, predominantly near the stadium or the squad. They have a larger than life personality that have caused some havoc over the years.

Some accounts are that they scream at passing student, steal pens, throw or drop nuts at people and break into fraternity houses. With reckless behavior as such, I respect the hell outta them.

The legend of the quad squirrels will live on forever. Vicious, mysterious, rude, but sometimes nice. They are ingrained into the UA culture as much as Big Al or a Yellow Hammer.

Rock on Quad Squirrel, we got your back.

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