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Alabama's defense will need leadership and drive this upcoming season, with only 1 Senior on the whole entire defense UA might need some sort of leader role. I can only think of one person on the whole side of the ball to step up and that person hasn't played a down in over two years. His name is Dylan Moses, linebacker and a brick s**t house of a player. Standing at 6'3 and weighing 250 LBS he is a freaking animal of a player. Last year, he was injured in practice and didn't see the field last year at all. Only from the side lines he has been studying and documenting each formation and schemes.

He is the only hope for making our team a 13-0 championship caliber team. Our offense will be stronger than it has ever been in the past six years. Keep in mind that our recruiting from 2018 has dynamic and beneficial for this year in particular.

The only thing that holds Alabama back is lack of leadership on the defense of side of the ball. Moses doesn't have to be the guy to step up, I just think he needs to be the leader of that crew. Someone has to be the driving force that makes the Tide roll stronger than ever. I predict a championship season if Moses stays healthy and a leader is made of D.

Roll Tide

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