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TAMU will do whatever it takes to have a chance of beating Alabama.

Texas A&M was caught in a NCAA investigation in regards of 'Over Contact and Communication with Recruit'.

The findings, released on Thursday, stemmed from violations between January 2018 and February 2019, including an instance in which Fisher and an assistant coach had impermissible contact with a recruit. As part of the negotiated resolution, the school had to end recruitment of the recruit in question. 

Things like this happen way to often that go under the radar. I promise you some larger teams in the NCAA are doing this but under cover and under a hush-hush attitude. Being pressured and constantly bugged by coaches and team affiliates is tiring and annoying. These people think you owe them something by having you visit or stay on campus for a game or registered visited. This stuff has to stop. It's almost like stalking or having weird tabs and taps on recruits.

"During the process of hiring coach Jay Graham, we were made aware of the circumstances at his previous institution, and we vetted it thoroughly in accordance with NCAA and SEC bylaws," Tennessee athletics said in a statement Thursday. "We established and maintain extremely high confidence in Coach Graham's commitment to compliance and are proud to have him on our staff."

The fact that a team would stick their head out for this coach who has certainly has broken the rules is ridiculous. Whatever Tennessee, you can have a cheater and a failure, congrats.

Roll Tide