Who needs a groundhog when Alabama has its own weather prognosticating opossum?

It's February 2nd, and while the majority of Americans are scrambling to see if Puxatawney Phil is going to see his shadow, the real ones know not to trust a groundhog with a seasonal weather outlook.

The real ones know it's up to the James Spann of the animal kingdom, a little East Alabama opossum known as Sand Mountain Sam.

Albertville, Alabama radio station WQSB has been using an opossum to predict the weather for the past 27 years. The entire city of Albertville used to gather every February 2nd to watch Sand Mountain Sam's weather prediction--until someone narced on him and forced the celebration to switch to incognito mode.

Sand Mountain Sam even has HIS OWN THEME SONG, Y'ALL.

I can't.

I can NOT.

I have never loved an animal more than I love Sand Mountain Sam. Please watch the video below and join me in squealing in delight at this precious trash bab.

In his near THREE DECADES of work, Sam has been wrong ONCE. Literally one time. That track record is better than Jim Cantore.

Full disclosure here: I was born in Gadsden, Alabama which is just a quick drive away from Albertville. The Sand Mountain area is home to all my people, so I have a special tie to this kinda crazy tradition.

I do not care that some groundhog saw his shadow today. All I care about is this sweet opossum prediction.

All hail Sand Mountain Sam!

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