I've wanted a new tattoo for a long time now, and I finally scheduled an appointment to get it done this weekend. The tattoo hasn't healed yet, but I did snap this pic before it was bandaged.

If you're like, Meg, wtf? Allow me to explain. The tattoo is a quote from Mad Men, my favorite television show. It's from the show's pilot in which Don is pitching a campaign he crafted for Lucky Strike. Check it out.

I think the reason this resonates with me is that I've struggled with anxiety and depression for all of my adult life. Some days are easier than others, but there are some days during which I find myself mired in self-loathing and fear. I thought getting this tattoo would be a special reminder to myself that no matter how bad it gets, I am going to be okay.

If I am in the middle of a panic attack, I can just take a deep breath, look at my wrist, and think, "You are okay."

Shout out to Sanctum Tattoos and Comics for getting me on the schedule this weekend. My artist, Aaron, was super cool and I love how perfectly he executed the idea I had for this tattoo.

I probably should not have gotten this tattoo (it's my third), because now I want another one...

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