The weeks leading up to Bacon Brew & Que each year might be second only to Christmas thanks to the chance to visit the participating restaurants and sample their dish before the big day. I mean, what better way to spend 'working' hours than tasting these incredible creations?

So our tour of Tuscaloosa is underway and we hope to have a number of previews for you before the event on August 25. First up is Jim 'N Nicks.

The popular barbecue chain will bring an off-menu item but it's one they used to serve with much fanfare: pork and grits. They take their smoked pulled pork, which spends upwards of 13 hours in the smoker, and top it over a bowl of fresh grits. But these aren't instant grits. Jim 'N Nicks buys them local, adds parmesan cheese and special season, and you'll notice the difference immediately.

To bring it all together, the restaurant pours some of its Hog Lovin' sauce over dish. It's a sweet and spicy sauce that you also can't get on the menu. If you like shrimp and grits, you're going to love this dish at Bacon Brew & Que.

They also have a little surprise for the day of the event but we're going to make you wait.

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