As Nick Saban continues his dominant run in college football, talks continue to happen about who the Tide will hire after Saban chooses to retire. The day is coming when Saban will step away from the game, and while it might not come for many more years, it is a fascinating question. How do you follow up the greatest coach in the history of college football? One fan favorite replacement option has already said it's impossible.

Current Ole Miss head coach and former Alabama offensive coordinator Lane Kiffin recently cast doubt on his desire to return to the Tide after Saban retires. In comments to Blake Toppmeyer of USA Today, Kiffin explained his reasoning.

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"What could you possibly do right if you don't win the national championship every year?"... ..."'You're going to follow Nick Saban at Alabama?' No, that would not be a good decision for anyone."

For many Tide faithful, Kiffin would be an even better hire than former Tide player Dabo Swinney, who has soured in the eyes of many, after multiple championships against Clemson.

Kiffin helped modernize and revitalize a Crimson Tide offense that desperately needed it, and is partially responsible for the team's continued success today. He would, seemingly, be welcomed back to Tuscaloosa with open arms, but the coach might not welcome the challenge of following the "greatest of all time", as he himself calls Saban.

Kiffin's father, legendary defensive coach Monte Kiffin, gave his son the wise advice of following lackluster coaches at good programs, not following legendary coaches.

Kiffin himself says "I didn't listen to him very well." Following Phillip Fulmer at Tennessee and Pete Carroll at USC didn't work out either time for Kiffin, and he seems to have learned from his mistakes.

Attitudes can change as time goes on, but as for now, it seems like Lane Kiffin has very little interest in returning to Alabama any time soon after Saban retires.

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