Imagine running the treadmill at the fitness center and a guy near you gets bored with running and decides to treadmill dance! We have the video of such a thing happening!

I laughed watching this guy and wondered if he would fall. Is that bad of me to wonder and wait for a fall? Oh, now I bet you really want to jump past my words to see what happens! Right? Ha!

Besides all the falling stuff, this appears to be the first major attempt of the treadmill dance since the group OK Go did it! Back in 1998 who would have thought a group shooting their video on treadmills would help them score a hit song? OK Go did it with 'Here It Goes Again.'

Watch the videos below and please leave a comment at the bottom of the page!


First the guy who puts on his boogie shoes at the fitness center


And the band who became intensely popular from their treadmill dance, OK Go with the song 'Here It Goes Again'

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