We're down to four contenders left standing in ALT 101.7's first-ever Bar-ch Madness bracket challenge, our quest to identify and recognize the best bar in the Tuscaloosa area.

Our third round, the Intoxicated Eight, was a real doozy. Y'all cast more than 103,000 total votes in those four match-ups and that's just buck wild.

Now just four bars remain, each with their own distinct atmospheres and merits, each boasting a large number of fans and haters alike. Let's pit them against each other in the Final Four and see who's left standing Monday afternoon when this round of voting ends and we gear up for the inaugural Bar-ch Madness Championship.

Before we get started, though, a bit of housekeeping about unlimited voting. All matchups in this contest so far have featured unlimited voting, but we've still received a number of complaints from participants who said that after casting a bunch of votes, eventually the polls stopped letting them keep at it.

We use Crowdsignal to conduct these polls, and here's what those good folks had to say:

Voting in a poll is rate limited by IP, even when no blocking is enabled. This means that a large number of votes coming from a single Internet address will trigger a cooldown block to help prevent cheating. Sometimes this is tripped by many people at one location (for example in schools and offices) voting in a short period of time.

So behind the scenes at Crowdsignal, some deterrents actually were in place to prevent cheating. While this feature kept our polls safe from macros, bots and other automated systems that would have damaged the integrity of the contest, it seems they also kept some seriously die-hard fans from voting for their favorite bars. That was never our intention, so in the Final Four, we're going to "whitelist" the polls so that there are no rate limits on voting at all. We'll be closely monitoring votes to make sure no one is using automated methods to get ahead, and we will put Crowdsignal's safety measures back into place if there is evidence of foulplay. Vote all you want, but don't cheat!

You may notice some changes in the formatting of the polls, but these are purely cosmetic and will not affect the functionality of voting.

Enough about that. Left standing are:

Let's see who comes out on top in the Final Four.

The polls close Monday, March 18th, at 4 p.m. Take the weekend to think about it and drink about it, and cast as many votes as you want between now and then. We'll be back Monday afternoon to formally announce the last two bars standing and fire up voting in the Championship Round.


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