Well folks, the time is finally here. After four increasingly intense rounds of voting, the listeners of ALT 101.7 have narrowed down the contenders left standing in the 2019 Bar-ch Madness bracket challenge to two: The Gray Lady and The Houndstooth Sports Bar.

There's just one round of voting left, then we'll declare a winner and name one of these fine establishment as 2019's Best Bar in Tuscaloosa.

This round will be open from 4 p.m. Tuesday until 4 p.m. Friday, giving fans of both bars 72 hours to cast unlimited votes in favor of one or the other. As we announced at the outset of this challenge, the results of the final round will be hidden from view until after the polls close and we crown the champion.

As in the final four, these polls have been "whitelisted" on Crowdsignal to allow for truly unlimited voting from fans, but we are actively monitoring votes to ensure no one is using automated methods to get an unfair advantage. Any IP address caught doing so will be blacklisted from this poll -- their votes will not count and they will be barred from casting any more -- so do all parties involved a favor and DO NOT CHEAT.

Why dally around any longer? Let's get down to it.

Our first contender is The Gray Lady, a downtown Tuscaloosa staple that offers lifelong townies, college kids and any other kind of pilgrim a watering hole where you can hear yourself think -- well, most nights anyway. The place is lovingly adorned in Alabama Crimson Tide paraphernalia, including the bona fide Astroturf 50-yard line that once sat in the center of Legion Field.  The Gray Lady is also the famous (or infamous) home of the Leprechaun, a smaller take on the Irish Car Bomb shot, and the bar has sold untold thousands of them since they opened in 2009. The drink specials are solid, you can smoke inside and the friendly staff will know you by name and drink of choice in no time. Whether you want to sit down to chat with a friend or stand up and cheer on the Tide, the Gray Lady's a fine place to do it.

Next up is The Houndstooth Sports Bar, which is no stranger to contests like these -- back in 2005 when it was a much smaller hole-in-the-wall, Sports Illustrated named the Houndstooth among the 25 best college sports bars in the United States. Since then, the 'tooth has been torn down, rebuilt and renovated into one of the largest and most popular bars on the Strip. The interior can house 400 patrons and hundreds more can gather outside on the covered patio that also serves as the seasonal home of the always-delicious Big Bad Wolves BBQ joint. Inside, there's something for everyone -- three quality pool tables, a Golden Tee machine, dart boards, and bartenders ready to take care of their steadiest regulars and first-timers alike. They're a Tuscaloosa powerhouse for a reason.

Who will win the first-ever Bar-ch Madness bracket challenge and claim the title of 2019's Best Bar in Tuscaloosa? Vote below and we'll let you know after polls close Friday afternoon.

See you then.

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