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Okay, it's not as bad as it seems. I was digging through my favorite Instagram page Barstool Bama and I found this crazy weird gem.

On a stormy night in Tuscaloosa, two students were crossing University Blvd right next to the Publix. Without hesitations or stopping a Kwik Kart hit one of the students crossing the street, full force.  Is it time to ban these young drivers to operators them?

This begs the question... should the university or Tuscaloosa really have Kwik Karts?

Personally, I say hell nah, brother. Even though it's a college town, these small golf carts are super dangerous and the operators of these karts are still young and inexperienced drivers in a full-grown car, not be trusted in a smaller, lighter and more agile karts. All it takes is a wide turn with one to many people on board to tip for loose someone off the side.

Also, on a personal note -- I always see the operators of the karts always on their phones and distracted by other things.

I think it's time for Tuscaloosa to step up to ban or have proper courses for the drivers to take to be safe and sound for the customers and themselves alike. It's all fun and games until you get hit by a golf cart going downhill at 20 MPH on a pouring rain day.

Roll Tide, you dirty animals.

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