Is there anything better than a fresh rotisserie chicken? I am here to tell y'all that I cannot and will not live a life without it.


One: it slaps. I have been known to buy a lemon rosemary chicken from Fresh Market and eat it in the parking lot with my bare hands like some sort of deranged goblin.

Two: a rotisserie chicken is the MVP for busy folx. It's hard to work a full day and then have to come home and cook a meal. You don't want to rely on takeout every night, and that's where the chicken comes in to play.

You can obviously serve a chicken as your main protein with a few sides, but I love buying a rotisserie chicken to use as the foundation of some of my other favorites.

I use rotisserie chicken to make soups, dumplings, casseroles, chicken salad, and basically anything that calls for shredded chicken. It's an easy, time-saving hack.

You can buy a rotisserie chicken at literally any grocery store, but I am partial to the Fresh Market. They have a $5 chicken deal on Thursdays (catch me in the parking lot unhinging my jaw and swallowing one whole like an anaconda).

Publix also has great rotisserie chicken. The lemon pepper is great, but their mojo chicken is just... *chef's kiss*

Where is your favorite place to get a rotisserie chicken? Do you have a favorite chicken recipe? Hit me up using our app chat and let me know.

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