The University of Alabama's Spring Break is here, and thousands of students are making their way to the beach or other exciting locations. Spring Break is always awesome--unless you can't afford to have fun. 

Such is the tragedy of being a broke college kid--but not for two UA students. This creative pair turned to GoFundMe to get some cash to fund their fun.

"Send Us Somewhere New" was started a few hours ago by Austin Brown. He and a friend are asking for donations--and they'll go anywhere you're willing to send them! Here's a look at the campaign description:

We're two broke college students at The University of Alabama who want to go somewhere new. Wherever you send us is where we will go (within reason/Top Donor's choice). We'll vlog all of our trip for your entertainment. Also, our Spring Break started about 4 hours ago, so please donate as soon as you can!

You've got to give it up to these guys for being creative--and for being down to travel to the destination of the highest bidder's choice.

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