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Can I get a Roll Tide?!

The University of Alabama has molded and created notable people from athletes, scientist, engineers and so much more. Now you can add golfer to that list. Justin Thomas, born and raised in Louisville has been a life long golfer with a booming drive. At 27 years of age, he's on top of the golf world with 2 amateur wins, 13 Major Championships, 1 World Golf Championship, 7 U.S National Team appearances and 2 time PGA Tour Player of the Year.

At his stint at UA he won 6 times, was apart of the 2013 National Championship and was named Haskins Award winner (most outstanding college golfer in America). Son of a pro golfer,  Justin is more than likely making his pops a very proud (and rich) man.

Now he has been named as the cover man of the newest 'PGA Tour 2K21' video game that will be available on most platforms.

He made this statement yesterday,

"It's been in the works for a bit, over a year process. It's been exciting. I liked playing video games growing up. When it was a snow day or when I couldn't play golf myself, I would like to play. I wasn't going outside. And I was competitive, didn't want to lose, even in a video game. It's not as bad as real life. It is something that will be fun to mess with."



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