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For my time being here in Tuscaloosa, I'm very happy to say that I've been to every bar, honky-tonk and watering hole in the Druid City. I'm the type of guy that loves going to a nice quiet and dark bar with good bartenders that can make a good cocktail. I'm a gin&tonic and old fashion sort of guy. I have 3 places here in town that I go to because they suit my fancy, but there's on good ol' bar here in town that I think any local can love.

Located at 1330 Hargrove Rd here in Town, they are definitely one of the most low-key bars around. It's cozy, like grandma's house on Christmas morning but dingy like grandpa's shed out back. There's nothing fancy about this place -- cold beer, hardwood floors and counter tops, a few pool tables and good music always flowing. The moment I walked in was the moment I said to myself "This is the most 'Alabama' bar of all-time". That was the only reason I kept on coming back. 

Opened in 1972, their Facebook says it's the oldest bar still opened here in town.Free Rides to Harry's, call 205-614-0202 for free pick ups. Harry's bus is also available to rent call us for Details!! If you're looking for an old fashion bar with a good true southern attitude, this place is for you.


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