Our nation is caught up in a serious Pokémon craze, and Tuscaloosa is no exception. People from T-Town, Northport, Brookwood, Moundville, and all across West Alabama have hit the streets to play the insanely popular augmented reality game. Planning on playing Pokémon Go this weekend in the Druid City? Check out these special offers and deals from businesses that will help fuel your PokéHunt!

The Lofts at City Center: First-time tours of The Lofts at City Center are now being rewarded with a special incentive. You could score 1,200 PokéCoins just for touring one of these Tuscaloosa properties! They're open until 6 p.m. Call or text 205-900-0643 for more info and too arrange your appointment.

Heat PIzza Bar: They're located off Goverment Plaza Downtown, which is the site of two PokéStops. Rumor is they're dropping lures and offering a special discount when you show you've checked in to the nearest stop.

The Levee Bar and Grill
The Levee Bar and Grill

The Levee Bar & Grill: There's a PokéStop right by this Tuscaloosa Restaurant. They're offering a 10% discount to trainers who've checked in to the stop.

Barnes & Noble: The Midtown location of this book store is hosting a Pokémon event Saturday, July 16, at 4 p.m. They'll teach you how to be a better trainer, and you can have your picture taken with a Pikachu or Charizard standee. They'll also have special offers as they celebrate the 20th anniversary of Pokémon.

Tuscaloosa Visitor's Center: Check in to the PokeStop at the Visitor's Center and you can score some Tuscaloosa swag.

Drish House: The historic house is hosting a Pokémon Battle Saturday, July 16, from 4 p.m. to 6 p.m. They're the site of a PokéGym, and they'll be serving refreshments to trainers who come out to the event.

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