That's right--even I am OBSESSED with Pokémon Go. Let's work together to create a list of the best PokéStops in T-Town!

It took me FOREVER to get started playing Pokémon Go (thanks, server issues!). Things seem to be straightened out now, and after finally getting a chance to catch a few Pokemon this morning, I am now a (measly) level 3 trainer.

If you're like... WTH, Meg? What even is Pokémon Go? Hear me out: it's a mobile game that allows you to "catch" Pokémon in the wild. The game uses GPS & augmented reality--so that you can look and actually "see" Pokémon in your surroundings. A friend of mine called it geocaching for nerds and I was like, hey--you're not wrong.

Anyway, you use the game to catch Pokémon. You can also visit special places called PokéStops where you get cool gear you'll use on your quest. Once you level up enough, you'll be able to visit gyms in your area and have Pokémon battles with other trainers.

The coolest thing about this game is that it requires you to GET OUT OF THE HOUSE. You have to walk around to catch Pokémon or find and visit stops-- it's basically Niantic's sneaky way of getting us all to exercise and love it. If you've seen an influx of people walking around while glued to their phones, I can almost assure you it's because they're playing Pokémon Go. The game is a huuuuge success: it was launched just last week but already has passed Tinder in downloads--and it's still growing!

As for me-- I'm still super new to the game, so I'm trying to figure out which places in town I should check out first. My husband and I spent an hour or so Thursday afternoon hunting for Pokémon downtown (this was before he convinced me to start playing... LOL). It was so much fun--and I can't wait to get out and see what I can find in Tuscaloosa.

I caught a Nidoran in the parking lot of the plant where my husband works--and yes, the car was parked! (Meg Summers/TSM)
I caught a Nidoran in the parking lot of the plant where my husband works--and yes, the car was parked! (Meg Summers/TSM)

I know there are PokéStops at CHOM and The Red Shed (have to be 21+ to enter)... I've also heard that the UA campus is loaded with stops and gyms--we're planning on taking a walk around the Quad tonight.

If you know of a PokéStop, hit me up! I'll make a list and share it with everyone. (Also--please tell me where I can find a Pikachu because I am dyyyying here.)

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