Yes, Today is THE Day, that one of My Idols, one of My Heroes, MY BATMAN, Edward Lodewijk "Eddie" Van Halen, was born back in 1955. Eddie Van Halen is simply considered to be one of the GREATEST Guitarists to ever touch the instrument!

As many know, I am a Guitar Player myself. I consider it my "Serious Hobby". Eddie Van Halen IS my favorite player ever! His Birthday is a day that should be considered a NATIONAL HOLIDAY as far as I'm concerned. His Genius, his innovations, his technique, and his songwriting, put him in a league of his own. Like THOUSANDS of other guitar players, I have spent HOURS trying to figure out what he's doing on the instrument. To this day, I'll go back and listen to Van Halen albums, and still be BLOWN AWAY, and completely BAFFLED, as to WHAT he was playing on guitar, and HOW he was playing it! In the 80's, his playing style launched THOUSANDS of imitators. But in the end, there will always be only ONE Eddie Van Halen! Today, I CELEBRATE The MAN, and I HONOR HIM and HIS MUSIC!

Here's MY tribute to Eddie, a Guitar Video which I recorded last year in my backyard, where I play the final part of Eddie's landmark guitar solo called "ERUPTION". (The part I'm referring to starts at 1:09 in this video and goes until the end). Check it out!


In fact, The Man is such a hero of mine, that when I vacationed out in California this past summer, I had to stop by his childhood home in Pasadena, CA. and show MY RESPECT! This is the home where he spent HOURS honing his craft on the instrument, to eventually becoming one of THE GREATEST GUITARISTS EVER! This was truly a BUCKET LIST moment for me! Here'e the video which documented my visit!


Indeed, This IS a BIG DEAL for me! So, let me once again say, Today should be a NATIONAL HOLIDAY, because it's Eddie Van Halen's Birthday!




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