It's time once again for Paradise Presses Play. We've all had the dream right? To be some type of rock star. Multiple people chanting your name, selling out multiple arenas across the nation, and most importantly all that money! Realistically, that dream might be unachievable for most of us, mainly because a variety of factors have to be in play for us to do that. But thankfully for us in 2005, a worldwide phenomenon of a game was released, and to this day it's still fun to play.
This week's game is none other than Guitar Hero!

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No story to speak of here, we've got one thing to do and that's rock the crowd that's waiting for you. Vocals, Bass Guitar, and Drums are covered. Lead Guitar however is all on you. Nervous? Don't be. There's various degrees of difficulty, From Easy to expert. Easy uses the least the least buttons, while expert throws the kitchen sink at you and hopes you survive.

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Setlists start off with easy songs and then work their way up to more difficult songs. Much like in real life when bands start small and then grow to playing in big stadiums. To play Guitar Hero these days, you'll need to find one of those old fashioned guitar controllers they sold with the game. Otherwise you can play it with a controller, but whoever heard of a Rockstar playing on stage with a controller?

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Follow the chart and keep that crowd happy. If you miss too many notes the song will abruptly end and your band will mad and let's not even talk about the crowd. You can earn star power by hitting the star shaped notes on the chart. Once it's activated, your score multiplier is doubled, and things get crazy. Don't rely on it too much though, it's won't last forever.

Now get out on stage and start rocking, the crowd awaits...

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