The White Stripes’ debut self-titled album turns 20 this year, and is being given a deluxe reissue to mark the occasion. The WHITE STRIPES XX is being offered as part of Third Man Records’ Vault subscription service, which offers quarterly “packages” of exclusive Third Man products for those that opt in.

The new vinyl reissue of The White Stripes comes complete with cloth-bound packaging “approximating all the importance and heft of an encyclopedic tome.” In addition to a newly-mixed version of the LP, the package also includes previously unreleased songs from the album’s recording sessions, and Live at the Ritz 9/26/99, recorded at a show in Raleigh. Vault subscribers will also get a 24-page archival booklet, which features lyric sheets, flyers, and other “ephemera” from around 1999.

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